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Leaving Home by T. Mills [2011]

Leaving Home (T. Mills)

Track listing

1Oh Just Like Me
2Vans On
3Can't Take Ur Eyes Off Me
5LA It Down
6Name All On It
8Pillow Talk
9Smoke & Mirrors
10Leaving Home

T. Mills albums

1Leaving Home[ 2011 ]
2Ready, Fire, Aim![ 2010 ]
3Thrillionaire[ 2012 ]
1Leaving Home (T. Mills)
2Ready, Fire, Aim! (T. Mills)
3Thrillionaire (T. Mills)

T. Mills songs

1Asstrology [from the "Thrillionaire"]03:14
2Busy Bitch [from the "Thrillionaire"]02:11
3Can't Take Ur Eyes Off Me [from the "Leaving Home"]03:47
4Couldn't Do You [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]02:55
5Cure In My Cup [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]03:46
6Diemonds [from the "Thrillionaire"]03:31
7Friday Night [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]02:01
8Get Ready To [from the "Thrillionaire"]03:28
9Hollywood [from the "Leaving Home"]03:43
10I Live High [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]03:39
11Intro [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]00:42
12Kocaine Kisses [from the "Thrillionaire"]04:11
13KUH feat Smoke Dza [from the "Thrillionaire"]06:02
14LA It Down [from the "Leaving Home"]03:32
15Leaving Home [from the "Leaving Home"]04:03
16Let's Ride [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]03:12
17Lightweight [from the "Thrillionaire"]02:52
18Me First [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]03:24
19Name All On It [from the "Leaving Home"]03:04
20Oh Just Like Me [from the "Leaving Home"]02:43
21Oh Shit (ft. Audio Push) [from the "Thrillionaire"]04:09
22On [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]02:23
23Other Bitch Callin (ft. James Fauntleroy) [from the "Thrillionaire"]03:59
24Pillow Talk [from the "Leaving Home"]03:28
25Purr Like A Cat [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]04:07
26Scandalous [from the "Leaving Home"]03:17
27She Got A... [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]03:26
28Smoke & Mirrors [from the "Leaving Home"]03:18
29Stupid Boy [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]02:27
30Thrillionaire Intro [from the "Thrillionaire"]01:44
31Vans On [from the "Leaving Home"]04:07
32Your Favorite [from the "Ready, Fire, Aim!"]02:23

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T. Mills

Travis Tatum Mills, better known by his stage-name T. Mills, is an American rapper and singer from Riverside, California. []


  • Hip hop,
  • Synthpop
  • Vans On - one of the best T. Mills songs, top songs list [#1026]

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