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Mr. Porter by Travis Porter [2013]

Mr. Porter (Travis Porter)

Track listing

1Back At It Intro
2Goin Deep (ft. Tyga)
3Follies (ft. Cap 1)
4I'm A Dog
5Wassup (ft. Spodee & Drego)
6My Bitch Bad
7Ain't Even Gon Lie
8Some Type a Way
9Baddest (ft. Mitchelle'l)
104 My Niggas (ft. Trinidad James)
11Err Damn Day (ft. Jeremih)
129 Outta 10 (ft. Yg)
13Rollin Around
14Lean I Sip (ft. Trey Trey & Jose Guapo)
15Get Money
16Be This Famous
17Need Ones
18Pocket Watchers
19Told Ya So
21Jesus Pieces
22Do a Trick (ft. Gucci Mane)

Travis Porter albums

1From Day 1[ 2012 ]
2Mr. Porter[ 2013 ]
3Step Up Revolution: Music from the Motion Picture[ 2012 ]
1From Day 1 (Travis Porter)
2Mr. Porter (Travis Porter)
3Step Up Revolution: Music from the Motion Picture (Various artists)

Travis Porter songs

14 My Niggas (ft. Trinidad James) [from the "Mr. Porter"]05:04
29 Outta 10 (ft. Yg) [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:51
3Ain't Even Gon Lie [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:35
4Aww Yea [from the "From Day 1"]03:29
5Ayy Ladies (ft. Tyga) [from the "From Day 1"]03:31
6Back At It Intro [from the "Mr. Porter"]02:05
7Baddest (ft. Mitchelle'l) [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:07
8Ballin [from the "From Day 1"]03:56
9Be This Famous [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:20
10Bigger [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:46
11Bouncing Like (Whoa) (ft. Mac Miller) [from the "From Day 1"]04:21
12Bring It Back [from the "From Day 1"]03:38
13Bring It Back - Travis Porter [from the "Step Up Revolution: Music from the Motion Picture"]03:36
14Do a Trick (ft. Gucci Mane) [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:33
15Err Damn Day (ft. Jeremih) [from the "Mr. Porter"]05:28
16Flood This Shit [from the "From Day 1"]03:45
17Follies (ft. Cap 1) [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:16
18Get Money [from the "Mr. Porter"]02:55
19Goin Deep (ft. Tyga) [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:07
20I'm A Dog [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:06
21Jesus Pieces [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:01
22Lean I Sip (ft. Trey Trey & Jose Guapo) [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:52
23Make It Rain [from the "From Day 1"]03:59
24My Bitch Bad [from the "Mr. Porter"]04:49
25Need Ones [from the "Mr. Porter"]02:46
26P***y Real Good (ft. 2 Chainz) [from the "From Day 1"]05:06
27Party Time [from the "From Day 1"]04:11
28Pocket Watchers [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:06
29Pop a Rubber Band [from the "From Day 1"]03:48
30Ride Like That (ft. Jeremih) [from the "From Day 1"]03:20
31Rollin Around [from the "Mr. Porter"]05:06
32Some Type a Way [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:33
33That Feeling (ft. Mike Posner) [from the "From Day 1"]04:17
34Thirty Bands [from the "From Day 1"]03:41
35Told Ya So [from the "Mr. Porter"]03:23
36Wassup (ft. Spodee & Drego) [from the "Mr. Porter"]05:24
37Wobble [from the "From Day 1"]02:11

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Travis Porter

Travis Porter is an American hip hop act from Decatur, Georgia.


  • Hip hop
  • 4 My Niggas (ft. Trinidad James) by Travis Porter

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