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Lost Change by [2001] [album editions]

Lost Change (

Track listing

1Ev Rebahdee (ft. Planet Asia)
2Lay Me Down (ft. Terry Dexter)
3Possessions (Interlude)
4Thai Arrive
5If You Didn't Know (ft. Mike Myers)
6Money (ft. The Horn Dogs, Huck Fynn and Oezlem)
7Lost Change
8I Am
9Hooda Hella You (ft. Medusa)
10Lost Change (In E Minor)
11Yadda Yadda
12Em A Double Dee (ft. Madd Dogg)
13Control Tower
14Lost Change (In D Minor)
15Ev Rebahdee (Instrumental)
16Lay Me Down (Instrumental)
17Possessions (Instrumental)
18Thai Arrive (Instrumental)
19If You Didn't Know (Instrumental)
20Money (Instrumental)
21Lost Change (Instrumental)
22I Am (Instrumental)
23Hooda Hella U (Instrumental)
24Lost Change (In E Minor) (Instrumental)
25Yadda Yadda (Instrumental)
26Em a Double Dee (Instrumental)
27Control Tower (Instrumental)
28Lost Change (In D Minor) (Instrumental) albums

1#willpower[ 2013 ]
2Lost Change[ 2001 ]
3Songs About Girls[ 2007 ]
1#willpower (
2Lost Change (
3Songs About Girls ( songs

1#thatPOWER (ft. Justin Bieber) [from the "#willpower"]04:39
2Ain't It Pretty [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:35
3Bang Bang [from the "#willpower"]04:39
4Control Tower [from the "Lost Change"]03:15
5Control Tower (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]03:15
6Dynamite (Interlude) [from the "Songs About Girls"]01:19
7Em A Double Dee (ft. Madd Dogg) [from the "Lost Change"]04:35
8Em a Double Dee (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]04:35
9Ev Rebahdee (ft. Planet Asia) [from the "Lost Change"]04:26
10Ev Rebahdee (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]04:26
11Fall Down (ft. Miley Cyrus) [from the "#willpower"]05:07
12Fantastic [from the "Songs About Girls"]03:25
13Far Away from Home (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) [from the "#willpower"]03:54
14Fly Girl [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:46
15Freshy (ft. Juicy J) [from the "#willpower"]04:06
16Geekin' [from the "#willpower"]03:34
17Get Your Money [from the "Songs About Girls"]05:24
18Gettin' Dumb (ft. and 2NE1) [from the "#willpower"]05:13
19Ghetto Ghetto (ft. Baby Kaely) [from the "#willpower"]03:49
20Good Morning [from the "#willpower"]01:44
21Great Times Are Coming [from the "#willpower"]04:36
22Heartbreaker [from the "Songs About Girls"]05:27
23Hello (ft. Afrojack) [from the "#willpower"]04:45
24Hooda Hella U (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]02:41
25Hooda Hella You (ft. Medusa) [from the "Lost Change"]02:41
26I Am [from the "Lost Change"]05:15
27I Am (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]05:15
28I Got It From My Mama [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:01
29If You Didn't Know (ft. Mike Myers) [from the "Lost Change"]03:48
30If You Didn't Know (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]03:41
31Impatient (ft. Dante Santiago) [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:17
32Invisible [from the "Songs About Girls"]03:56
33Lay Me Down (ft. Terry Dexter) [from the "Lost Change"]04:09
34Lay Me Down (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]04:09
35Let's Go (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "#willpower"]05:34
36Lost Change [from the "Lost Change"]02:24
37Lost Change (In D Minor) [from the "Lost Change"]02:40
38Lost Change (In D Minor) (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]02:40
39Lost Change (In E Minor) [from the "Lost Change"]02:41
40Lost Change (In E Minor) (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]02:41
41Lost Change (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]02:24
42Love Bullets (ft. Skylar Grey) [from the "#willpower"]04:11
43Make It Funky [from the "Songs About Girls"]03:59
44Mama Mia [from the "Songs About Girls"]03:39
45Money (ft. The Horn Dogs, Huck Fynn and Oezlem) [from the "Lost Change"]04:09
46Money (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]04:09
47One More Chance [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:24
48Over [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:00
49Possessions (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]01:18
50Possessions (Interlude) [from the "Lost Change"]01:18
51Reach For The Stars [from the "#willpower"]04:21
52S.O.S. (Mother Nature) [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:17
53Scream & Shout (ft. Britney Spears) [from the "#willpower"]04:42
54She's A Star [from the "Songs About Girls"]03:47
55Smile Mona Lisa [from the "#willpower"]03:36
56Spending Money [from the "Songs About Girls"]03:56
57Thai Arrive [from the "Lost Change"]02:02
58Thai Arrive (Instrumental) [from the "Lost Change"]02:07
59The Donque Song (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Songs About Girls"]04:29
60The World Is Crazy (ft. Dante Santiago) [from the "#willpower"]03:59 - top artists list [#477]

William James Adams, better known as, is an American recording artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, DJ, record producer, and philanthropist, best known as one of the founding members of the hip hop/pop band, The Black Eyed Peas. []


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