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Two Eleven by Brandy [2012] [album editions]

Two Eleven (Brandy)

Track listing

2Wildest Dreams
3So Sick
5No Such Thing As Too Late
6Let Me Go
7Without You
8Put It Down (ft. Chris Brown)
9Hardly Breathing
10Do You Know What You Have
11Scared Of Beautiful
12Wish Your Love Away
13Paint This House
14Can You Hear Me Now
16What You Need

Brandy albums

1Afrodisiac[ 2004 ]
2Brandy[ 1994 ]
3Full Moon[ 2002 ]
4Human[ 2008 ]
5Never Say Never[ 1998 ]
6Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
7Two Eleven[ 2012 ]
1Afrodisiac (Brandy)
2Brandy (Brandy)
3Full Moon (Brandy)
4Human (Brandy)
5Never Say Never (Brandy)
6Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Two Eleven (Brandy)

Brandy songs

61Open - Brandy [from the "Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)"] 
62Outro [from the "Two Eleven"]00:57
63Paint This House [from the "Two Eleven"]03:59
64Piano Man [from the "Human"]03:52
65Put It Down (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "Two Eleven"]04:06
66Put That On Everything [from the "Never Say Never"]04:51
67Right Here (Departed) [from the "Human"]03:38
68Sadiddy [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:00
69Say You Will [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:50
70Scared Of Beautiful [from the "Two Eleven"]03:46
71Shattered Heart [from the "Human"]03:49
72Should I Go [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:57
73Slower [from the "Two Eleven"]02:57
74So Sick [from the "Two Eleven"]04:31
75Sunny Day [from the "Brandy"]04:30
76Talk About Our Love (ft. Kanye West) [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:34
77The Boy Is Mine (ft. Monica) [from the "Never Say Never"]04:54
78The Definition [from the "Human"]03:42
79Tomorrow [from the "Never Say Never"]05:19
80Top of the World (ft. Ma$e) [from the "Never Say Never"]04:41
81Torn Down [from the "Human"]03:21
82True [from the "Human"]03:41
83Truthfully [from the "Never Say Never"]04:58
84Turn It Up [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:12
85U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) [from the "Never Say Never"]04:28
86Warm It Up (With Love) [from the "Human"]03:58
87What About Us? [from the "Full Moon"]04:10
88What You Need [from the "Two Eleven"]03:08
89When You Touch Me [from the "Full Moon"]05:43
90Where You Wanna Be (ft. T.I.) [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:32
91Who I Am [from the "Afrodisiac"]03:35
92Who Is She 2 U [from the "Afrodisiac"]04:43
93Wildest Dreams [from the "Two Eleven"]04:25
94Wish Your Love Away [from the "Two Eleven"]03:19
95Without You [from the "Two Eleven"]04:12
96WOW [from the "Full Moon"]04:12

Brandy - top artists list [#479]


Brandy Rayana Norwood, also known as Brandy or Bran'Nu, is an American recording artist and entertainer.

Within pop music, Norwood has become known for her distinctive sound, characterised by her peculiar timbre, voice-layering, throaty riffs, and beat-driven R&B.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Soul,
  • Hip hop
  • Put It Down (ft. Chris Brown) - one of the best Brandy songs, top songs list [#985]

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