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Best Intentions by We Are the In Crowd [2011] [album editions]

Best Intentions (We Are the In Crowd)

Track listing

1Rumor Mill
2It's Not Goodbye, It's BRB
3The Worst Thing About Me
4Kiss Me Again
5On Your Own
6All or Nothing
7Exits and Entrances
8See You Around
9You've Got It Made
10Better Luck Next Time

We Are the In Crowd albums

1Best Intentions[ 2011 ]
2Guaranteed to Disagree[ 2010 ]
1Best Intentions (We Are the In Crowd)
2Guaranteed to Disagree (We Are the In Crowd)

We Are the In Crowd songs

1All or Nothing [from the "Best Intentions"]03:05
2Better Luck Next Time [from the "Best Intentions"]02:48
3Both Sides Of The Story [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]02:59
4Calendar Pages [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]03:24
5Carry Me Home [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]02:55
6Exits and Entrances [from the "Best Intentions"]03:04
7For The Win [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]03:17
8It's Not Goodbye, It's BRB [from the "Best Intentions"]03:06
9Kiss Me Again [from the "Best Intentions"]03:17
10Lights Out [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]03:20
11Never Be What You Want [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]03:15
12On Your Own [from the "Best Intentions"]03:22
13Rumor Mill [from the "Best Intentions"]03:28
14See You Around [from the "Best Intentions"]02:57
15The Worst Thing About Me [from the "Best Intentions"]02:43
16We Need A Break [from the "Guaranteed to Disagree"]03:12
17You've Got It Made [from the "Best Intentions"]03:40

We Are the In Crowd - top artists list [#280]

We Are the In Crowd

We Are the In Crowd is an American pop punk band from Poughkeepsie, New York, formed in 2009.

The band consists of Taylor Jardine (vocals), Jordan Eckes (guitar/vocals), Mike Ferri (bass guitar), Rob Chianelli (drums), and Cameron Hurley (guitar). []


  • Pop punk,
  • Power pop
  • Kiss Me Again - one of the best We Are the In Crowd songs, top songs list [#991]

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