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Kids in the Street by The All-American Rejects [2012] [album editions]

Kids in the Street (The All-American Rejects)

Track listing

1Someday's Gone
2Beekeeper's Daughter
3Fast and Slow
4Heartbeat Slowing Down
5Walk Over Me
6Out The Door
7Kids In The Street
8Bleed Into Your Mind
11I For You
12Drown Next to Me
13Someday's Gone (Demo)
14Bleed Into Your Mind (Demo)
15Do Me Right (Demo)

The All-American Rejects albums

1Kids in the Street[ 2012 ]
2Move Along[ 2005 ]
3Same Girl, New Songs[ 2001 ]
4Swing Swing (Single)[ 2003 ]
5The All-American Rejects[ 2002 ]
6When The World Comes Down[ 2008 ]
1Kids in the Street (The All-American Rejects)
2Move Along (The All-American Rejects)
3Same Girl, New Songs (The All-American Rejects)
4Swing Swing (Single) (The All-American Rejects)
5The All-American Rejects (The All-American Rejects)
6When The World Comes Down (The All-American Rejects)

The All-American Rejects songs

111.11 P.M [from the "Move Along"]03:04
2Affection [from the "Kids in the Street"]04:44
3Another Heart Calls [from the "When The World Comes Down"]04:09
4Back To Me [from the "When The World Comes Down"]04:28
5Beekeeper's Daughter [from the "Kids in the Street"]03:33
6Believe [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:28
7Bleed Into Your Mind [from the "Kids in the Street"]02:43
8Bleed Into Your Mind (Demo) [from the "Kids in the Street"]02:43
9Breakin' [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:58
10Can't Take It [from the "Move Along"]02:52
11Change Your Mind [from the "Move Along"]03:40
12Cigarette Song (Acoustic) [from the "Swing Swing (Single)"] 
13Damn Girl [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:51
14Dance Inside [from the "Move Along"]04:02
15Dirty Little Secret [from the "Move Along"]03:13
16Do Me Right (Demo) [from the "Kids in the Street"]03:35
17Don't Leave Me [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]03:26
18Don't Leave Me [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:30
19Drive Away [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]02:59
20Drive Away [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:02
21Drown Next to Me [from the "Kids in the Street"]06:52
22Fallin' Apart [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:27
23Fast and Slow [from the "Kids in the Street"]04:00
24Fembot [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]03:04
25Girl Of My Dreams [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]04:12
26Gives You Hell [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:33
27Gonzo [from the "Kids in the Street"]05:06
28Happy Endings [from the "The All-American Rejects"]04:27
29Heartbeat Slowing Down [from the "Kids in the Street"]04:44
30Her Name Rhymes With Mindy [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]02:54
31I For You [from the "Kids in the Street"]02:38
32I Wanna [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:28
33I'm Waiting [from the "Move Along"]03:37
34It Ends Tonight [from the "Move Along"]04:04
35Kids In The Street [from the "Kids in the Street"]04:45
36Mona Lisa [from the "When The World Comes Down"]03:14
37Move Along [from the "Move Along"]04:00
38My Paper Heart [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:51
39Night Drive [from the "Move Along"]03:25
40One More Sad Song [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]03:09
41One More Sad Song [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:05
42Out The Door [from the "Kids in the Street"]03:39
43Pilsbury Doughgirl [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]04:04
44Real World [from the "When The World Comes Down"]04:03
45She-Mannequin [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]03:48
46Someday's Gone [from the "Kids in the Street"]03:25
47Someday's Gone (Demo) [from the "Kids in the Street"]03:55
48Stab My Back [from the "Move Along"]03:10
49Straightjacket Feeling [from the "Move Along"]03:37
50Sunshine ()Bonus Track) [from the "When The World Comes Down"]02:59
51Swing Swing [from the "Swing Swing (Single)"]03:48
52Swing, Swing [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:54
53The Cigarette Song [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:35
54The Last Song [from the "The All-American Rejects"]05:00
55The Wind Blows [from the "When The World Comes Down"]04:22
56Time Stands Still [from the "The All-American Rejects"]03:32
57Too Far Gone [from the "Same Girl, New Songs"]04:02
58Too Far Gone [from the "The All-American Rejects"]04:07
59Too Far Gone (Bedroom Demo Session Version) [from the "Swing Swing (Single)"] 
60Top Of The World [from the "Move Along"]03:25

The All-American Rejects - top artists list [#493]

The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects is a four-piece American rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma, formed in 2001. The band consists of lead vocalist and bass guitarist Tyson Ritter, guitarists and vocalists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor. The All-American Rejects have released three studio albums, three EPs, and nine singles. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Powerpop
  • Beekeeper's Daughter - one of the best The All-American Rejects songs, top songs list [#1032]

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